第一封 外面风大 跟我回家

The first one out of the big wind came home with me

第二封 留在我身边 远近我都接受

Second letters in my side near and far I accept

第三封 我没说过永远 只希望每个明天你都在

The third seal I didn’t say forever just hope every tomorrow you are in

第四封 南风过境十里春风不如你

Fourth letters of transit in the spring breeze as you south ten

第五封 可能时间刚好 你眼角带笑

The fifth letter may be time to just your eyes smiling

第六封 我不喜欢醋这种东西 但我现在天天为你吃

Sixth, I don’t like vinegar, but I do it for you every day.

第七封 向来没耐心的我 在你身边徘徊了这么久

The seventh has not been patient with me, I have been wandering around for so long

第八封 任凭风吹也无法忘记你的名字

Eighth letters to the wind can not forget your name

第九封 你说以后是我和你喝交杯酒还是我去喝你们的喜酒

The ninth letter you said after I drink a toast and you or me to drink to your happiness

第十封 我期待我能在有一天背着背包出现在你的城市

Tenth I look forward to one day I can carry a backpack in your city.

第十一封 你站的方向风吹过来都是暖的

Eleventh of the direction of the wind blowing you are warm.

第十二封 手不要给别人牵 怀抱也要留给我

Twelfth hands do not give someone to hold me.

第十三封 你陪着我的时候 我从来没羡慕过任何人

I never envied anyone when you were with me thirteenth times.

第十四封 想你的时候风忽然停了

The wind suddenly stopped fourteenth times when I thought of you

第十五封 因为有你我才能笑着摇头拒绝所有诱惑和暧昧

第十五封 因为有你我才能笑着摇头拒绝所有诱惑和暧昧

Fifteenth because of you, I can only smile and shake my head to reject all temptations and ambiguous.

第十六封 No one and you.

第十七封 我喜欢你只有一个理由 你就是理由

The seventeenth seal I like you have only one reason you are the reason

第十八封 你就像我小时候最喜欢的玩具 别人碰一下我都觉得那是在抢

Eighteenth you like I was a child’s favorite toy people touch me feel that it is in the

第十九封 The first glance Heartbeat.

第二十封 遇见你花光了我所有的运气

The twentieth meeting you used to spend all my luck

第二十一封 想去的地方有你才最美丽

Twenty-first of the places you want to go is the most beautiful

第二十二封 喜欢你是我做过最美丽的事

The twenty-second love you are the most beautiful thing I have ever done

第二十三封 还在我身边就是我的

The twenty-third seal is still with me.

第二十四封 微风轻轻起 我好喜欢你

Twenty-fourth gentle breeze, I like you

第二十五封 你总是能让我带着每天的晚安把梦做到最感动

The twenty-fifth seal you always let me with every day the night dream to do the most moving

第二十六封 你快乐所以我快乐我快乐都是你给的

Twenty-sixth you happy so I am happy I am happy you give

第二十七封 趁你还在

The twenty-seventh seal while you are still

第二十八封 对谁都三分钟热度 唯独你

Twenty-eighth letters to anyone who are three minutes heat only you

第二十九封 喜你为疾 药石无医

Twenty-ninth letters like you for medicine without doctor.

第三十封 如果你最后一贫如洗 我将是你最后的行李

If you are the last thirtieth letters as pour as a church mouse I will be your final baggage

第三十一封 就好像太阳不会放弃天空

The thirty-first seal is like the sun will not give up the sky

第三十二封 遇见你是所有故事的开始

The thirty-second meeting you are the beginning of the story.

第三十三封 我想顺着你的脚步 走向未来

Thirty-third letters I want to follow your footsteps to the future

第三十四封 以后去哪都把我给带上 我会很乖不给你添麻烦

Where to go after the thirty-fourth letters to my band I will be good not to trouble you

第三十五封 天和地和你一个都不能少

Thirty-fifth days and the earth and you can not be less

第三十六封 见到你我占有欲就超标林

Thirty-sixth to see you, I have to exceed the standard forest

第三十七封 我想每天都能见到你 毕竟我真的很粘人

Thirty-seventh, I want to see you every day, after all, I am really very sticky

第三十八封 酸涩皱眉与你共苦不算太差

Thirty-eighth you frown and sour bitter not too bad

第三十九封 眼睛好疼

Thirty-ninth eyes good pain

第四十封 你是雾是风我喜你依旧浓

Fortieth seals you are the fog is the wind I like you are still strong

第四十一封 陪我走走吧 趁天还没亮浓雾里还透着光

Forty-first to accompany me for a walk to take advantage of the day has not yet lit the fog in the

第四十二封 别在我离不开你的时候离开我

Forty-second don’t leave me when I can’t do without you

第四十三封 你是我口中最为骄傲的语气

Forty-third, you are the most proud of my mouth

第四十四封 街边的每个身影都像你

Forty-fourth street side of each figure are like you

第四十五封 我也憧憬过也怕后来没结果

Forty-fifth I also hope to have been afraid of later did not result

第四十六封 抓紧你的手走过我的朝朝暮暮

Forty-sixth letters to your hand through my every morning and evening

第四十七封 陪在身边才算拥有

Forty-seventh to accompany in the side to be considered to have

第四十八封 你别皱眉你最珍贵

The forty-eighth seal you do not frown, you are the most precious

第四十九封 尽我所能

The forty-ninth seal to the best of my energy

第五十封 你是前提你是例外

The fiftieth seal is the premise that you are an exception.

第五十一封 我有我自己你跟不跟我走

Fifty-first letters I have my own you and don’t follow me go

第五十二封 好好的待在你身边是我唯一的心愿

Fifty-second good to be in your side is my only wish

第五十三封 我希望每次伸手你都在

Fifty-third letters I want to reach out to you every time

第五十四封 我任性也不是对所有人

Fifty-fourth, I am not a self willed all

第五十五封 如除我一人在你心 还多出一个人 瞒住我

The fifty-fifth seal, such as in addition to my one person in your heart also more than a person to hide me

第五十六封 念你名字一百遍就出现在我眼前好不好

Fifty-sixth read your name one hundred times in front of my eyes.

第五十七封 你的怀抱是我的避风港

Fifty-seventh of your arms is my haven

第五十八封 喜欢你这些日子就像一本病历

The fifty-eighth love you these days is like a medical record

第五十九封 You are the one

第六十封 喜欢你的故事更喜欢故事里的你

The sixtieth like your story is more like the story of you

第六十一封 你的一言一行都牵扯着我的情绪

Sixty-first letters of your every word and action are involved with my emotions

第六十二封 你有多重要我也害怕让你知道

How important are sixty-second to you, I’m afraid to let you know

第六十三封 夜空霓虹都是我不要的繁荣

The sixty-third night sky neon is the prosperity that I don’t want

第六十四封 我喜欢你 只是喜欢你哪有什么目的

The sixty-fourth seal I like you just like you which have what purpose

第六十五封 你不在的时候我在忙着长大

I was busy growing up when I was sixty-fifth.

第六十六封 所有的不愉快都改变不了我对你的坚持

Sixty-sixth all the unhappy can not change my insistence on you

第六十七封 原谅我有时候注意不了你在意的细节

Sixty-seventh. Forgive me. Sometimes I can’t pay attention to the details.

第六十八封 爱过了你就没办法像爱你一样去爱别人

The sixty-eighth loved you can’t love others like you.

第六十九封 只要你在我身边我就不会迷路

Sixty-ninth, I won’t get lost as long as you are with me.

第七十封 遇见你真幸运

Seventieth lucky to meet you

第七十一封 等我长大

Seventy-first letters, I grew up.

第七十二封 我没有固执只是不想再过不安定的生活

Seventy-second, I am not stubborn just do not want to live a stable life

第七十三封 你在 走到哪里都是童话

Seventy-third letters you go to where are the fairy tale

第七十四封 最暖不过在你身边

The seventy-fourth warmest on your side

第七十五封 还好我身边的是你

Seventy-fifth good thing to me is you

第七十六封 时间挺住 你就永远是我的

Seventy-sixth time hold on you will always be my

第七十七封 初识你名

The first seventy-seventh letters of your name

第七十八封 每天早上醒来 阳光和你都在

Seventy-eighth every morning when I wake up in the morning, the sun and you are in

第七十九封 我只是一个说谎者 所以我从来都不喜欢你

Seventy-ninth I am just a liar so I never love you

第八十封 在我心里

Eightieth seals in my heart

第八十一封 你的名字

Eighty-first letters of your name

第八十二封 是我见过

The eighty-second seal is that I have seen

第八十三封 最美的情诗

The eighty-third letter of the most beautiful poems

第八十四封 变成一条鱼 一生都不闭眼睛 一直看着你

The eighty-fourth seal into a fish life is not closed eyes have been watching you

第八十五封 你留下 或者我跟你走

Eighty-fifth letters you stay or I go with you

第八十六封 她们都是提到你 眼睛都在发亮

All eighty-sixth of them mention that your eyes are shining.

第八十七封 遇见你是我最美的意外

Eighty-seventh met you is my most beautiful accident

第八十八封 你在身边世界只剩一个焦点

Eighty-eighth seal you in the side of the world just left a focus

第八十九封 我把前半生写在纸上

Eighty-ninth letters I wrote the first half of my life on paper

第九十封 后半生写在你的生命里

Ninetieth half a lifetime written in your life

第九十一封 我的你

Ninety-first of my you

第九十二封 从此你在我心里最温暖的地方

Ninety-second letters from you in my heart the most warm place

第九十三封 我会改掉不好的毛病

Ninety-third I will get rid of bad habits.

第九十四封 喜欢就像一阵风

Ninety-fourth like a gust of wind

第九十五封 因为在乎

Ninety-fifth letters because of care

第九十六封 喜欢你应该是我干过最棒的事

Ninety-sixth like you should be the best thing I’ve ever done.

第九十七封 陪你走到底只要你愿意

Ninety-seventh to accompany you to go in the end as long as you are willing to

第九十八封 情书是我抄的

The ninety-eighth love letter is my copy.

第九十九封 但我喜欢你是真的

Ninety-ninth but I like you to be true

第一百封 别再到处流浪 别在深夜买醉 别喝陌生人给的酒 也别牵别人的手

100th don’t wander around in the middle of the night don’t drink do not drink wine to strangers don’t hold the hands of others


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